Wake Forest University recognizes the importance of seeking out diverse and divergent voices for addressing complex issues. Undertaking the notion of making Wake Forest a more inclusive, equitable, and aware community requires a plethora of perspectives and viewpoints if we are to sustainably improve the lived and academic experiences of students, staff, and faculty. Group work, specifically committees and task groups, are valid and time-tested methods for catalytic and sustained growth, analysis, and goal-setting. Consequently, our institution is grateful for the individuals and groups that have demonstrated interests and actions towards working in community.

The committees, working groups, and task forces charged with elevating inclusive practices on our campus can be found by following this link. This document is updated regularly to reflect new groups, as well as the sunsetting of ad-hoc groups whom’s charge may have been short-term and who may have completed the elements outlined in their charge. The process for being selected for these groups is unique to each initiative, and some groups may no longer be accepting new members. However, should you be interested in finding out more about any of these committees and/or inquire about membership please send an email to, and your communique will be routed to the Chair and/or Co-Chair of the group in question.