Recruitment and Retention Recommended Practices

In this section, staff, faculty, and administrators will find diversity and inclusion resources for conducting searches. The aim of providing these materials is to present search committee chairs, and by extension search committee members, with an opportunity to intentionally incorporate diversity and inclusion plans into announcing new searches, identifying potential candidates, conducting an exhaustive evaluation and formal interview process, and making fair and equitable offers – all in the spirit that Diversity is Excellence. Note that these resources are a general overview of “better practices.” Consequently, search committees should work with administrators and leaders within their respective units to incorporate these recommendations and resources in applicable and relevant methods. Nevertheless, ODI colleagues – including those in Diversity Education and the Centers – are available for consultation and feedback at every step of the search process. And continue to look here for up-to-date suggestions from the field, as well as announcements for Upcoming Recruitment “Better Practices” workshops.

Promising Practices and Considerations

Miscellaneous Resources