“Equity and accountability around diversity and inclusion is layered, challenging, and nuanced work. And yet, the stead-fast and intentional creation of an inclusive academic community presents all its members with the boundless gift of understanding and mutual support.”

José Villalba

Dr. José Villalba

VP for Diversity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Team


Director, Diversity Education




TaShaun Elliot

TaShaun L. Elliott, M.S.

Business Manager, Exec. Asst. to the VP for Diversity and Inclusion

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Angela Mazaris

Angela Mazaris, Ph.D.

Director, LGBTQ Center

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Jonathan McElderry

Jonathan McElderry, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Intercultural Center

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Paige Meltzer

Paige Meltzer, Ph.D.

Director, Women’s Center

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Council on Diversity and Inclusion

The Council on Inclusion and Diversity (CID) is a selected group of professional staff members, faculty members with academic appointments, and administrators from across the Reynolda Campus. The primary charge of the CID is to provide counsel, feedback, and insight to the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and CDO, related to campus efforts that address and promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. These efforts will focus on offering programs, influencing policy, and elevating practices aimed at increasing Wake Forest’s mission towards fostering a more inclusive community. Lastly, CID members will serve as liaisons between their respective departments, offices, and units, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, benefiting from the mutual exchange of programs and events, “promising practices,” and professional standards within their particular fields.