A Special Message to Parents and College Preparation Professionals

The Wake Forest community takes great pride in our ability to attract the kind of student leaders who are destined to impact the world in which we live. Our Admissions teams in the College, as well as the Graduate and Professional Schools, collaborate with parents, teachers, guidance counselors, alumni and many others to identify the exceptionally gifted and talented students enrolled in our university from nations around the world.

We recognize that providing a culturally diverse and inclusive climate that promotes engagement around issues of pluralism is an essential component in a student’s preparation for future global leadership. When your student becomes a member of the Wake Forest family, we will proffer a host of co-curricular, academic and experiential learning initiatives designed to cultivate the seeds of servant-leadership you have planted and nourished in him or her since childhood.

We share your high expectations of success for all our students! Additionally, we acknowledge that in order for every student to maximize his or her academic experience, we must strive to eradicate insidious barriers such as racism, prejudice or discrimination that would impede the fulfillment of their dreams.  These mutual goals can only be achieved if we develop diversity of thought among our institutional leadership and among our student population.

Creating an inclusive campus climate is an ongoing work-in-process. We, as faculty, staff and administrators, are genuine in our desire to model the global citizenship we strive to instill in our students. We encourage you to send your “best and brightest leaders” to Wake Forest University for a transformational higher education experience.

Imagine what you can achieve!

In partnership,

Barbee Myers Oakes, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion